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The JM Delàs Peace Studies Centre, SETEM, Justícia i Pau, RETS and the ODG (Observatory on Debt in Globalization)promote this initiative to raise awareness of and public condemnation for financial institutions which participate in the arms manufacture, industries which have damaging effects upon peoples and the towns where they live. We demand real respect on the part of financial institutions for human rights and the environment.

These organizations also spearhead and promote other campaigns focused on condemning three of the worst investors in weaponry: BBVA, Banco Santander and Caixabank. As well as the initiatives Banca Limpia and the Cluster Munition Coalition.

About Armed bank

The Armed Bank Campaign arose from the need of five civil society organizations to make visible the links of a large number of Spanish banking institutions with arms manufacturing companies through their financing.

Its objective is to publicly denounce the banking institutions that finance the military industry, in order to achieve a sensitized social base and demand ethical and responsible policies at a political, social and environmental level.

Your Footprint in Arms

Did you know that many banks finance the war business?
Do you want to know if your bank is one of them?

Your Footprint in Arms will tell you about:
– The amount of money your bank invests in armaments.
– The type of armament it invests in.
– The name of the manufacturing companies and the amount of money invested in each of them.
All the information you will see comes from the Armed Banking Database, created by the Centre Delàs d’Estudis per la Pau through its annual research.

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The Banca Armada Campaign has a network of volunteers and activists who participate in the different actions of the Campaign to defend this cause and, ultimately, to promote a social transformation that will lead us towards a disarmed society based on the culture of Peace.

If you are interested in participating as a volunteer activist and/or receiving information about meetings and actions, please contact us.

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