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The JM Delàs Peace Studies Centre, SETEM, Justícia i Pau, RETS and the ODG (Observatory on Debt in Globalization)promote this initiative to raise awareness of and public condemnation for financial institutions which participate in the arms manufacture, industries which have damaging effects upon peoples and the towns where they live. We demand real respect on the part of financial institutions for human rights and the environment.

These organizations also spearhead and promote other campaigns focused on condemning three of the worst investors in weaponry: BBVA, Banco Santander and Caixabank. As well as the initiatives Banca Limpia and the Cluster Munition Coalition.
The goal of the campaign is to inform and raise awareness in society to demand that Spanish financial institutions change their policies and end all relations to socially irresponsible industries, such as those which are detailed in this website.

For this reason, this initiative shows the depth and importance of the financial relationships between banks and companies which produce weapons, in order to identify those financial institutions which are responsible for unethical practices such as to profit from the manufacture and exportation of weaponry.

The Campaign

The Banca Armada Campaign arose from the need to make visible the links of a large number of Spanish banking institutions with arms manufacturing companies through their financing, which turns banks into necessary actors of the Military Industrial Complex that with the aim of maximizing their economic benefits promotes armament and militarism that make easier the use of force and armed violence both in the field of International Relations and in the interpersonal.

Its objective is to publicly denounce the banking institutions that finance the military industry, in order to achieve a sensitized social base and demand ethical and socially and environmentally responsible policies from financial institutions.


The Banca Armada campaign is made up of a group of organizations and collectives that collaborate in carrying out all of the campaign’s research, dissemination, training and awareness-raising activities. Although the secretariat of the campaign is in the hands of the Centre Delàs and Setem, there is a stable number of organizations that collaborate actively in the campaign through regular coordination meetings. These are, in addition to several territorial groups of Setem and Centre Delàs, Justícia i Pau, ODG, RETS, FETS, AA-MOC and Fundación Finanzas Éticas. But there are many other organizations, collectives and second-level entities that collaborate with the campaign.

Centro Delàs de
Estudios por la Paz


Observatorio de la Deuda en la Globalización
Justícia i Pau
Col•lectiu RETS

FETS-Finançament Ètic i Solidari

Alternativa Antimilitarista – MOC (Movimiento de Objeción de Conciencia)

Finanzas Éticas


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