Incidence at the Joints of Shareholders

The general shareholders meeting is a meeting of all the shareholders of a company, a space where they are called to deliberate and decide on the social issues of their competence. In companies such as banks or big companies, where there are shareholders who concentrate a large amount of capital and power, shareholder meetings are one of the few spaces where minority shareholders can make their voice heard in front of the management and the rest of the shareholders.

Taking advantage of this fact, for more than a decade, the Armed Banking Campaign has been calling on shareholders to delegate votes to campaign activists, therefore obtaining the possibility of intervening in the meetings. By doing so, they take advantage of the political and media window that usually is opened with these events, which are held annually, to denounce the complicit and responsible role of banks and insurance companies (such as Banco Santander, BBVA, Caixabank, Mútua Madrileña or Banco Sabadell, among others) in the financing and production of weapons for wars, contravening international treaties and/or contributing to the multiplication of violence and human rights violations.

These types of actions, which are usually carried out during the months of March and April, are a central part of the Campaign’s strategy and are among the actions that increase campaign’s visibility and knowledge among the population.