From Armed Banking to Ethical Banking

Banks have been much talked-about since the beginning of the crisis, which has been created in large part by them. Banks and savings anks have emerged as one of the institutions that generate less sympathy among the people. Also, for the first time, politicians have been made visible as co-responsibles for what is happening. However, we had to feel the pain in our flesh to react in a majority. A lot of scams and corruption make us wary of both, a bank as a politician. Starting with the preference shares, up to unfair terms of mortgage loans, through billionaires salaries of their chiefs, and the accounting distortions to show that there were benefits where you could only see black holes. Not to mention how the Banks have led us by the hand down to extreme consumerism, through aggressive promotions, fake promises and attractive ads. Nevertheless, we can not forget the individual responsibility of everyone who has been deceived.

 Article in spanish: De la Banca Armada a la Banca Ética