Good afternoon, Mrs. President, the Board members, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Jose Maria Moya and I speak as a member of Delàs Study Center for Peace on behalf of the unarmed Banco Santander Campaign. I speak on behalf of the dozens of shareholders who have transferred 47,576 shares to the unarmed Banco Santander campaign to raise my voice today in this forum. We urge you, on your behalf, to modify your policy of controversial investments.

In year one we have to denounced the Santander Bank investments in the arms industry. According to the report Do not bank on the bomb, by the NGO PAX, in July of last year, the bank allocated $ 106 million to finance the company Finmeccanica. This company is accused of providing weapons to the Qaddafi government and is related to WASS (Whitehead underwater systems), the global leader of all weapons systems underwater. Wass is known for manufacturing the MU90 lightweight torpedo that can be launched from ships, helicopters and control towers. They also manufacture the A244 / s lightweight torpedo, the Black Shark Heavyweight torpedo, a new generation of long distance torpedo designed to be launched from surface ships or submarines and anti-torpedo systems countermeasure. Do you know how many lives have been claimed this gun? Do you know where the weapons were sold to the government of Muammar Al Qaddafi are now? what has been their contribution to the chaos and terror that has spread over Africa and elsewhere?

Also last year, Santander signed a loan of 138 million euros with the company Thyssenkrupp. This German company produces Navy submarines to Israel. These submarines, manufactured in Germany under the Israeli specifications, are prepared to carry nuclear warheads. What do you think these vehicles engaged expected? Do you really believe they are contributing to the development and welfare of people with these investments?

Banco Santander is the second Spanish bank to more capital allocated to the arms industry. Since 2005, we have identified an investment of at least 1.723 million euros to support arms manufacturers.

Of those, 1.322 million are for loans to companies researching or manufacture weapons; 275 million was invested in bond and commercial paper of weapons; 106 million euros were invested in mutual funds, stocks and bonds of companies in the defense industry; and nearly 20 million went to finance exports of Italian weapons.

Mrs. Botín, this is the first general shareholders meering held since you have chaired this bank. Show that is different, that something has changed and that his entity will stop contributing to the business of war and the maintenance of dozens of armed conflicts in the world.

In addition, since 2011, Banco Santander finances Boeing, the world’s second largest manufacturer of aircraft as fighters, bombers and F-18 aircraft of the air force. The company also designs and manufactures electronic and defense systems, and missiles and military helicopters. In particular, Boeing factories out the main attack helicopter of the US Army and other states, such as Israel.

Madam Speaker, you invest in some of the biggest arms producers in the world. What are the economic benefits that accrue from these investments? How can they continue to ignore the consequences of its investment policy on weapons in human lives?

Again, members of the Board of Directors, shareholders Ladies and gentlemen, we ask a reflection. With your support in the manufacture and sale of weapons they are contributing to the maintenance of dozens of armed conflicts that are reaping the lives of millions of people.