Shareholders’ call 2022: We need your shares to participate in the Shareholders’ Meetings of the large financial entities.

Shareholderscall 2022: We need your shares to participate in the ShareholdersMeetings of the large financial entities.

This is a message addressed to crucial shareholders of some of the large

conventional banks in Spain: BBVA, Banco Santander, CaixaBank and Banc Sabadell.

The entities involved in the Armed Banking campaign will participate another time this year, in the general meeting of shareholders of these four entities to denounce their investment policies in arms companies. For this reason, we need crucial people who have shares in these banks to give us their vote in order to speak up during the General Meeting. It would allow us to represent the shareholders who do not want to finance war business.

In addition, we would like to be able to participate in the Mutua Madrileña’s board. For that, we need the mutualists themselves to attend the meeting as representatives, with the support of the campaign.

What is the objective?

The goal is to explain in front of the board of directors of these financial entities, the shareholders, and the media, some of the consequences derived from the link between banks and the arms industry, as well as contributing to raise awareness throughout the society.


BBVA: 18th March 2022

Banco Sabadell: 24th March 2022

Santander: 1th April 2022

Caixabank: 8 April 2022


  • If, as a shareholder of one of these entities, you do not approve of its investment

policies in the arms industry, you can transfer your shares to us. Therefore, we could intervene on your behalf on the day of the meeting.

In order to give us your vote, you must send us the original proxy vote signed at least 10 days before the shareholders’ meeting of your bank, leaving the name of the person who will attend the meeting blank. Then mail it to: SETEM Catalunya, c/ Bisbe Laguarda, núm. 4, 08001 Barcelona