Banking Armada Campaign participates in the Shareholders’ Meeting of CaixaBank to denounce the involvement of the organization in 17 arms companies.

Activists denounce the bank’s relationship with armed conflicts around the world and demand immediately canceled investments in weapons.

April 22, 2015, Barcelona.

Entities that drive the armed Banking campaign and the unarmed CaixaBank campaign participate for the third time in CaixaBank Shareholders meeting  to be held on Thursday April 23 in Barcelona.

Thanks to the delegation of 8483 shares, from the  Banca armada campaign CaixaBank has direct or indirect shareholdings in 13 arms companies that produce weapons and combat systems, electronic equipment and military communications, military aircraft engineering and aircraft components war.

The company Indra received 36 million euros in loans from La Caixa and other financial institution in 2009. “If CaixaBank financed Indra it is helping to create more weapons in the world, more specifically, flight simulators for war aircraft , firing systems and a variety of weapons products including electronic defense call with direct application in the Eurofighter combat aircraft, war frigates F-100 and Tiger military helicopters “.

Moreover, the company Maxam received a credit of 295 million euros with the participation of  La Caixa in 2010, through its subsidiaries manufactures EXPAL FAEX and military explosives, mines, cluster bombs and ammunition of all kinds. Thus, “CaixaBank helped the company to make it Spain’s biggest producer of land mines and cluster bombs until it was forbidden by law.”

Another complaint lodged is that Instalaza was funded with 33 thousand euros in 2007 when the company produced cluster bombs, whose victims are mostly civilians. Instalaza as well sold that year, cluster bombs to Qaddafi’s government  who used them against civilians in Libyan War of 2011.

The participation of members of the Banking Armada campaign Shareholders will therefore aim to show the serious consequences of the bank’s investments and require immediate cancellation of their investments in arms producers.