We require commitments to the culture of peace in BBVA shareholders meeting

The “BBVA Without Weapons” campaign will participate in the Board Friday

Delàs Study Centre for Peace, the Debt Observatory in Globalization (ODG) and SETEM, entities that drive BBVA Without Weapons campaign, once again participate in the Shareholders’ Meeting to be held BBVA in Bilbao Friday, March 15th, through the delegation of more than 300,000 shares.

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After taking part in the last two shareholder meetings denouncing the bank investments in weapon companies that place it at the top of the Spanish armed banking ranking, social organizations demand an unequivocal stance against any kind of activity related to armed violence, loudly once again, in the shareholders meeting to request the maximum information and transparency about the BBVA concrete progress on peacebuilding.

 Article in spanish: Exigimos compromisos en favor de la cultura de paz en la Junta de Accionistas del BBVA

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