Meeting between the campaign Caixabank Sin Armas and Caixabank

On July 21, 2015, the entities that promote the campaign CaixaBank Sin Armas and Banca Armada met with the Corporate Social Responsibility head and the vice-president of CaixaBank.

Following the intervention of its representatives during the shareholder meeting, the campaign “CaixaBank Arms Free” received an invitation for a meeting the financial institution. The entities forming the campaign “CaixaBank Arms Free” decided to attend the meeting, with the aim of reiterating the facts that motivate the claims made during the shareholder meeting related to the bank’s arms investments.

Among other issues, it should me mentioned the disagreement stated by CaixaBank when it comes to the qualification of certain companies as part of the military industry, such as INDRA, which is considered by all the centers for peace and security studies and even by the military industrial sector itself as a company that devotes 20% of its production to Defense.

Anyhow, we see as positive for the impact of the campaign the exchange of opinions with the financial institutions. Nevertheless, the real and only significant step from the side of the banks would be to stop investing in any kind of weapons and do so in a credible and verifiable way. While CaixaBank continues financing military industries we will keep denouncing it, not only during shareholder meetings but also every day through actions raising citizen awareness.