Speech in Banco Santander Shareholders Meeting 2013 (Albert Sales)

Banco Santander Shareholders Meeting, Santander, March 22, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, directors, shareholders, Mr Botín

My name is Albert Sales and I am speaking on behalf of Banco Santander Without Weapons campaign driven by Debt Observatory on Globalization, the Delàs Study Centre for Peace and SETEM and also on behalf of the Platform for the Civil Audit of the Debt.

They give me voice to this delegation meeting of 78,084 shares by dozens of shareholders.

The social reality of the Spanish State obliges us to remind you that peace is not merely the absence of war. Peace is built by creating the right conditions to avoid violence. The recession that we live in, which is rooted in the dysfunctional financial sector, hits the daily reality of many families living unacceptable forms of violence through the financial sector and public policies to their service.

Article in spanish: Intervención junta de accionistas Banco Santander 2013 (Albert Sales)