Speech in Banco Santander Shareholders Meeting 2013 (Jordi Calvo)

Banco Santander Shareholders Meeting, Santander, March 22, 2013

Good afternoon, Mr. Chairman, members of the Board of Directors, our shareholders, my name is Jordi Calvo Rufanges, I speak on behalf of 78,084 shares as a member of the “Banco Santander Without Weapons” campaign, which aims to expose to the public opinion the weapon investments in Banco Santander and require the complete abandonment of this immoral way to generate economic benefits. This campaign is promoted since 2008 by the Centre of Studies for Peace JM Delàs of Justice and Peace, an NGO Setem and Debt Observatory in Globalization.

Year by year we discover new Banco Santander investments in the business of weapons, the war, which produces millions of victims every year. This year we are forced to say again that you are profiting immorally.

Article in spanish: Intervención junta de accionistas Banco Santander 2013 (Jordi Calvo)